Kennedy Creative Turns on the Magic at PBS Annual Conference

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Kennedy Creative recently kicked it into high gear for the PBS National Conference here in Austin. The two day event consisted of two breakfasts, two lunches and a closing reception for 800 people at the beautiful downtown Hilton Austin. Each of the meals were hosted by a different PBS station and were planned with a theme of a new PBS program or documentary to be released next year.

Our first breakfast was decorated for “Wild Kratt’s” a children’s program about animals and science hosted by the Kratt’s brothers. The second breakfast had the theme of “The Cat in the Hat Knows All About That,” hosted by KQED out of San Francisco. Martin Short, the voice of cat and the hat, and Dr Seuss’ former editor were even present and spoke to the excited guests.

Our luncheons took on a circus theme and a baseball theme for two upcoming documentaries. “Circus” will follow the Big Apple Circus on the road for a year and “The Tenth Inning” is a new baseball documentary by Ken Burns.

The closing ceremony took an emotional turn as it was planned to the theme of “Freedom Riders,” a very moving documentary about the Civil Rights Freedom Riders who rode across the country in an integrated bus as a protest to racism. Mug shots of the eventually arrested riders were posted as the stage backdrop as well as a photo of them at the start of the ride, hanging out the bus windows. We had an engaging panel discussion with the producer  of the documentary and an actual participant during the rides.  The crowd was in awe.

All of these events took place in the same ballroom – meaning the KC team was setting up at 5 am every day, tearing down at nine and resetting for noon lunch. It was crazy, but so worth it to see the amazing results and happy guests!

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