Sweet treats we LOVE

Posted on July 26, 2011 in Weddings | No Comments

CakeShooters are one of our more recent discoveries and the lovely people at Sprinkles were kind enough to let us sample them. Let’s just say they were amazing! So cute in their push-pop containers and delicious too! What a great mess-free way to serve cake at weddings and events.

Another sweet treat that we just LOVE is pie. That is why we love TinyPies; they’re pies and they’re tiny, what’s not to love? They have all of the best pie flavors including Sweet Texas Pecan, Fresh Texas Peach, Dutchy’s Apple and more. Their tiny pies also come in small 3 ½ pint mason jars perfect for service to guests as a midnight treat or, hey, if you don’t really like cake, just serve some tiny pies!


For a really nontraditional sweet treat, why not do a S’mores bar? To spice it up even more you can add different flavors of chocolate bars and graham crackers. It’s a great new twist on the traditional S’mores around a campfire and will guarantee to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Hyatt Regency Lost Pines has many fire places all around it’s property—a perfect place for a S’mores bar and they even make their own marshmallows!!


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