Making clients beam from ear to ear… well, it’s kind of our thing.

Recognized throughout the event production and destination management industries for our dedication to providing the ultimate experience in every partnership we take on, we’re in the business of generating smiles from scratch. We’re the leading and longest-succeeding woman-owned destination management company (DMC) in Austin, and we’re known for throwing a brilliant holiday party, product launch, conference, team retreat, and wedding, too.


Have you ever watched a hummingbird in motion?

To the naked eye, it just seems to levitate, magically suspended in midair. But that humming you hear? It’s from those tiny wings, fluttering as quickly as 200 times per second.

At Kennedy, we’re a small, swift and unstoppable team, quietly and elegantly pulling together intimate gatherings and grand occasions, each as creative and magnificent as the next. We make it look effortless, but our output is intense.

If you listen closely, you might even hear the hum.