July 2016 marks Kennedy’s 18th anniversary of being in business. Wow. Eighteen years of strong event industry relationships, trusting clients and fantastic productions. As we reflect, we’re proud, honored and humbled. We couldn’t do it all without our stellar team. We’ve grown a lot, particularly in the last few years as Austin, Texas has seen a huge tourism and tech industry boom. We really appreciate our Kennedy family, so each week we’ve been spotlighting a different team member. As hoteliers and prospective clients, you may be very familiar with our sales team. As media representatives, you’ll know our marketing folks. As vendors, you likely call our event design team friends. As guests, you’ll recognize our event producers. But we’d like to give you a full picture. Our team is creative and collaborative, and we couldn’t do it without the passion, hard work and dedication of its individuals. This week, we’re excited to highlight one of the kindest, bubbliest gals you’ll ever meet: Anika Tripp.

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Anika Tripp, Executive Assistant to the CEO, can balance just about anything! She works hard to stay on top of things here at Kennedy. Anika says the trick to keeping everything in order is “patience and prioritizing tasks by tackling one at a time.” She has a knack for maintaining a level head and getting things done. What all does Anika do, you may wonder? The best answer is anything and everything — her job truly encompasses so many different duties!

On a regular day, Anika says her job is ever-changing yet it often consists of checking emails, reviewing schedules and personal calendars, making sure our wonderful CEO, Natalie Kennedy, has her agenda in order, ensuring nothing’s overlapping in terms of meetings— the whole nine yards, really! What’s neat is that Anika ultimately gets involved in so many aspects of Kennedy Creative Events. After all, if our CEO Natalie Kennedy is working on a project, Anika is likely aware of it and right there in the trenches with her.

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Anika  works very closely with Natalie and believes it’s important to always have respect and integrity when dealing with any personal information given to her. Anika also loves being a resource for the Kennedy team by helping out around the office or anywhere she’s needed! When asked if she could describe her position at Kennedy in one word she replied with “gatekeeper” — pretty self explanatory right?!

Anika says that her favorite event to assist with was the Rainey Street buyout for the OpenStack conference in April. Anika had the opportunity to facilitate on-site alongside our event production team and thought it was really fun to see the event come to life. “It was really cool to see everyone in action and see the team really being, well… a team!” Anika’s also in charge of putting together wellness events for the Kennedy team, something she adores as a fitness fanatic! She’s organized events for the team including The Color Run, The Fit Foodie Run and, this month, she’s excited because the office is going on a juice cleanse! Anika says that  “there are a lot of healthy people in the office, so when other employees heard about the juice cleanse they were happy and excited. It’s helping us prep for Cancun!”

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Speaking of Cancun, that’s where you’ll find the office at the end of July! Anika has played a major role in coordinating our upcoming international team retreat. Anika adds, “It’s still in the works for sure, but we’re going to have an amazing time. There are fun activities being planned.” Anika is looking forward to everyone coming together in a casual environment and having time for more team bonding. With team bonding comes team meetings, which, you probably guessed it, Anika helps with too!  

So, how does Anika brainstorm fun ideas for the team to do? Anika divulges, “A lot of times people on the team send vendors to me and if it seems fun or interesting, I’ll bring them in.” There are in-office monthly team meetings and oftentimes an entertaining event will follow. This past week, the Kennedy team had a pool party at our COO Heather Niemeyer’s house!

When Anika isn’t being a boss at doing her job, she loves working out and being a social butterfly. Independence Day weekend was the first of many where she didn’t plan an out-of-town   trip with her husband or time off visiting friends somewhere! She’s also adventurous and enjoys cooking, “I cook every single night and try to never make the same dish twice.”

Anika does so much for our team — we can’t help but recognize her! She goes out of her way to do things for team members that sometimes aren’t even in her job description, because she’s just that great. She’s constantly on her A game and we’re fortunate to work with her everyday!