Curated by event industry experts, the event rentals of the Kennedy Collection offer something for everyone. There are traditional Texas Hill Country pieces, funky Austin-inspired eclecticism, mixed metals, urban natural vignettes and posh modern classics to choose from, with the ability to mix and match as needed. Much like our team, no two pieces are exactly alike, and yet they all seem to complement one another perfectly. We asked a trio of Kennedy team members which Kennedy Collection piece best suits their personality, and here’s what they said:

Sydney McPherson, Intern

“My style is one of a kind,” Sydney says, choosing the Helena Blue Spruce Velvet Sofa. “I can blend in or stand out, depending on the day, and this piece is soft and tough at the same time.” While it’s one of the collection’s newer pieces, it also has a sense of wisdom and grace about it, and we can see exactly why Sydney would be drawn to it!

Ariana Colom, Intern

Ariana chose the Jacqueline Mercury Geo Design Table, explaining, “I’ve loved this piece for as long as I’ve been at Kennedy. It always looks good at events, and it’s something I would love to have in my living room right now — it fits the aesthetic I’m going for.” Edgy, cool and reflective? Check, check, and check.

Lindsey Pecora, Experience Designer

The Ingrid Navy Velvet Highback Bench stole Lindsey’s heart, probably because it’s a no-nonsense piece that gets the job done in style. In fact, we couldn’t pin her down to take a photo on her favorite piece because she was off designing a client project! “I think the highback bench is a classic, subtle piece that can sit beside a couch or be a great addition to a grouping without needing to be the star of the show,” she says. “It’s versatile and has a unique style, but isn’t necessarily loud or in your face.”

If you’d like some expert curation to pull together the perfect furnishings for your next event, get in touch today and let’s talk about all the event rental possibilities we have available for you.