As you may have heard, it’s International Women’s Day, and the team at Kennedy Creative Events and Kennedy DMC is proud to announce we’re now officially a WBENC-certified woman-owned small business! As we prepare to celebrate our 20th year in business this summer, we can’t think of a better way to commemorate the fact that we’ve been led from the start by a fierce, fearless businesswoman who built her brand from the ground up in 1998 and has been crushing it ever since.

Special thanks are due to our very own Sam Rhodes, who led the charge and steered us through the certification process. The WBENC standard is the most relied-upon certification of women-owned businesses in the 50 US states, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and for good reason: the application process is a thorough and intensive one, and working with the right entity is key. Sam led us through it with precision and drive, and we’re overjoyed to officially join the ranks of our fellow WOSBs.

Women own more than 9 million businesses in the US, generating $1.5T in sales as of 2015 and creating around 8 million new jobs in the past decade. Even in the face of those numbers, the playing field isn’t level. From wage gaps and underrepresentation in the boardroom to discriminatory hiring and contracting practices, systemic issues still exist in the workforce, and the WOSB designation works to address those inconsistencies. Implemented and administered by the US Small Business Administration, the WOSB federal contracting program allows certified businesses to compete for set-aside contracts or receive sole source awards in industries where women-owned small businesses are substantially underrepresented. This sets a precedent, time and time again, for women-owned businesses to succeed and grow, in turn advancing women through their own ranks and setting many up to run their own businesses someday, too.

Here at Kennedy, we’re a dedicated team of passionate, creative, on-point professionals who go the extra mile to make our clients proud they hired us. We’re proud to be women in business — and women in general — and we stand with our sisters all over the world not just today, but every day.

If you want to hire a woman-owned, woman-led event planning agency that’s been handling its business like a boss for 20 years in Austin, get in touch today and let’s talk possibilities.Ā