The Super Bowl is an American pastime that’s kept millions huddled around television sets, doing their best to cause an annual electrical (and chicken wing) shortage across the country every January for more than half a century. This year is no exception; SB51 clocks in right on time this Sunday night at NRG Stadium with the Atlanta Falcons facing off against the New England Patriots. Whether you’re keeping it simple with just a few friends or hosting a blowout bash fit for an MVP, the event planners at Kennedy Creative Events have some thoughts on how to score a touchdown with your spread, decor and overall sportsmanship. Here, some tried-and-true Super Bowl party tips to keep you from fumbling the ball and lead you all the way to victory.

Classic All the Way

There’s never any shame in throwing a quintessential pigskin get-together complete with wings, beer, chips and dip… just don’t forget the veggie sticks for balance. Or, if you want to step it up a notch and offer the perfect blend of flavors, look no further than the LA Times’ recipe roundup filled with comfort-themed classics from baby back ribs and baked pretzels to fried mac & cheese and fudge brownies. Super Bowl Sunday is hardly the time for a sensible salad, so lean into the revelry and go all-out with the carbs, calories and crave-worthy indulgences. Don’t forget to display some simple pennants and football-themed decorations to set a festive tone, and as for cleaning them up once your guests go home, you’ll probably be in a food coma by then, so maybe schedule that task for Monday after work.

Tasty Team Themes

Of course, unless you’re in the hometown of one of the competing teams, you’ll likely have guests rooting for both sides. So, why not theme your dishes and decor with Atlanta and Boston motifs? For a democratic take on the food, dedicate half of your main dishes to the “Capital of the South” with chicken and waffle sliders (check out this recipe from Food Folks and Fun), peach cobbler and SweetWater 420 beer, and the other half to Beantown, with clam chowder, baked beans and — of course — Boston cream pie, washed down with bottles of Sam Adams for good measure.

A party isn’t a party without music, and luckily, both team’s cities are known for their massive musical talent, including some party-friendly hits. Represent Atlanta with a whole slew of hip hop and r&b greats, from Ludacris and Outkast to Usher and TLC, and don’t forget all of Boston’s old-school boyband goodness like New Edition and New Kids on the Block (lest we forget Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch), nor its classic rock roots, boasting Aerosmith and (obviously) Boston among its music-makers. Make a party mix filled with lighthearted jams and you’ve got yourself a good time just waiting to kick off.

Mess with Texas

While Atlanta and Boston will no doubt be buzzing with energy this weekend, there’s no hotter city in the US on Sunday than Houston, where the big game goes down. Follow the same formula as above with Texan staples like Tex-Mex, BBQ and all-you-can-eat queso, plus chicken fried steak, Texas Toast and Lone Star beer. Set your calorie-fest awash in the sounds of Houston greats from ZZ Top and Kenny Rogers to Destiny’s Child and its breakout superstar, Our Lady of Slayage herself: Beyonce.

Whatever route you choose, you’re sure to show your guests a good time as long as you’ve got good food, good tunes (between major plays, that is) and a clear shot of the screen for everyone who’s truly watching the game and not just enjoying the celebratory vibes. To save yourself from wasting food, have to-go containers on hand to send everyone home with a little something extra, and don’t forget to set the alarm; Monday morning’s gonna roll around awfully quickly. ‘Til then, game on and good luck!

Planning a big event and need some pros on your team? Huddle up with Kennedy Creative Events to score a touchdown and then some with your next corporate get-together.